During the first years of his career in IT, Leon has regularly been involved in projects which were subject to lots of different infrastructural challenges and issues by which he acquired extensive technical knowledge and experience. This gave him the ability to strongly improve and enhance his technical knowledge, analytical skills and capabilities, producing sustainable results in crisis situations and ambitious infrastructure projects.

In 2005 the emphasis of his job activities shifted to a merely commercial character when he started as a technical delivery architect to build on contract proposals for potential customers. Within the proposal team his primary involvement was designing infrastructure services and creating the accompanying migration planning with the prospect of involvement in the project as a lead architect with each successful deal.

This change of perspective helped Leon build on his architectural skills, which he seamlessly adopted as an efficient method to visualize and structure technical infrastructure services and components to support organizations in achieving both their Business and IT objectives by innovative technological improvements. Since 2011 he is within Capgemini’s Infrastructure Services division, working on a structured and controlled method to support workplace optimization initiatives in enterprise environments.